jade quinn

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I’m a content designer ︎

I make the web experience beautiful and easy to use with writing, editing, and a whole lot of strategy.

I specialize in:

a/b testing
user experience
conversion optimization
information architecture
data-driven content strategy


Onboarding flow

What: I collaborated with a product designer and product manager to envision a much-needed onboarding flow for new users.

Why: Users previously landed on a welcome dashboard but needed a lot of hand-holding for setting up their accounts. This project alleviated the burden on our internal support teams.

My role: User interviews, wireframing, UX writing, cross-functional collaboration


Homepage redesign

What: I collaborated with two product designers to redesign a homepage.

Why: This page received 10M+ visits per month during tax season, and the company wanted to maximize conversions year over year.

My role: Research, wireframing, UX writing, a/b testing


Payment flow

One simple change to a donation page resulted in 25% more conversions.

How? We moved the credit card info to the top of the donation form.

Through a/b testing, we discovered that by putting the most difficult step first, users were able flow through the process with less friction.

That also meant more donations to help end the cycle of homelessness.


Every content design path is unique
Here’s my story:

Someone told me when I was young that my generation would work in "jobs that don't even exist yet."

I was skeptical, but today, I work in an emerging field that many still haven't heard about—that field is content design, sometimes used interchangably with content strategy or UX writing.

My journey began as a copywriter. I’ve managed websites, communities, social, email, SEO, SEM, and more. Eventually, I ended up on a product team at Affirm then worked as a content design consultant at H&R Block.

I leverage research, analytics, and industry best practices to constantly improve UX while applying principles of human-centered design. I ask the right questions, find workable solutions, and am not afraid to experiment.

I thrive working cross-functionally with product managers, developers, designers, and legal experts.

My background is diverse—I’ve worked in FinTech, in EdTech, with nonprofits, and with small businesses. I was a homelessness relief worker for nearly 4 years in the heart of Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. I've lived in five states, across four time zones. I even worked remotely while traveling full-time for a year.

Outside my professional life, I'm a poet and experimental filmmaker. I know it may come as a surprise, but being a poet has helped me become a content designer—it's all about words on a page, composition, and structure.

I have a natural aptitude for language, making things beautiful, and understanding people's needs—that’s the recipe for great content.

Still curious?
Here’s more:

Landing page

Users searching for “Articulate 360 reviews” were mistakenly landing on a page for a product named “Review 360,” so I developed a page so users could easily find what they’re looking for.

For this project, I scoped and wireframed a page for product reviews, awards, and testimonials.


Turning a case study into a blog post

Adapted from a PDF report used by the sales team, this blog post showcases key information while working within the constraints of a CMS.

It quickly became one of the most popular posts.


Internal documentation

I created an internal training course to teach current and future content creators how to optimize their articles for SEO.

This course was built with our product, Rise.com.


Digital storytelling

When Articulate hosted its first virtual company retreat, I put together a social media story with some fun screenshots from Slack.

The Wall Street Journal caught wind of it and wrote an article about the retreat, based on my digital storytelling.

Read the original thread or check out the Wall Street Journal article: Your Corporate Retreat Is On—but It’s Going to Be Weirder︎︎︎