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Training Course: Social Onboarding for Moderators

I trained and onboarded a team of ten social media moderators to respond to comments and messages from customers.

The team consisted of members of the customer happiness and support teams, some of whom had never managed social media before.

I used our company’s product, Rise, to create this training course for this group and as documentation for future hires. 

Explore the course.

Conversion Optimization: Donation Landing Page

One simple change to a donation page resulted in 25% more conversions.

How? We simply moved the credit card info to the top of the donation form.

After running an A/B test, we determined that inputting credit card info first reduced hesitation from donors.

From there, users could quickly and easily flow through the process.

Social Content: Digital Storytelling

My company hosted a virtual retreat after our in-person retreat was cancelled in 2020. We didn’t plan on sharing it to social, but at the last minute, I pulled some fun screenshots from our #retreat Slack channel and created a story.

The Wall Street Journal ended up catching wind of it and wrote an article about the retreat, based on my digital storytelling.

Read the original thread or check out the Wall Street Journal article: Your Corporate Retreat Is On—but It’s Going to Be Weirder.