Album cover: Lanair’s Flower in Zurich, Chris Siders, 2024
Vocals: My Addiction, FemNova, 2021
Short film: Please Open A Door for Me, 2018
Video: A Rusted Rail, 30/30 Poetic Vision, Jack Kerouac School, 2015

poetry publications

Two Untitled Poems, ÖMËGÄ, Metatron Press, 2017
How to Eat Yourself, Spilled Milk, 2017
Who Brought the Storm, ExPat Press, 2017
Undertow, ExPat Press, 2017
Shadow on Bone, HEAVY ATHLETICS, 2016
please open a door for me, ÖMËGÄ, Metatron Press, 2016
The Sinking, Helix Syntax: The 41st Summer Writing Program Magazine, Naropa University, 2015
Three Untitled Poems, LuNaMoPoLiS no.3: On Your Person, The Lune, 2015
Pause for Your Mortality, The Lune, 2015
Three-Liners and Capital Heist, THWARP SHORTS 3.2, Semicolon, 2014
Commentary on a Tibetan Book, LuNaMoPoLiS no.2: Please Do Touch, The Lune, 2014
Untitled, LuNaMoPoLiS no.2: Please Do Touch, The Lune, 2014
Chapbook: gills in rain gutters, Kavyayantra Press, 2013
Excerpt from Landlocked Madness, The Riddles We Talked In, Semicolon, 2013
Where Trains Divide, Heart-Lipped Spider, Semicolon, 2012

prose publications

My Size Dancing Barbie, Voices, (b)OINK, 2017
Jade Cruz Quinn's “of topological shift,” Boulder Tattoo Project, 2014

other publications

Interview with CAConrad, fields, 2016
J’Lyn Chapman with J. Hillis Miller, The Conversant, 2013
Fail Better, Shambhala Times Community News Magazine, 2014

We should know what we’re eating, The Signal, 2012

performance by invitation

Reading: Cal State LA, Los Angeles, CA, 2019
Reading: I’m Alive In Los Angeles, Letters to My City Release Party with Mike Sonsken, Poetry at the Space, Los Angeles, CA, 2019
Reading: The Cosmic Collective: A Group Poetry Reading, New Orleans Poetry Festival, New Orleans Healing Center, New Orleans, LA, 2019
Reading: Poetry at the Ben Montgomery Mile, Zephyr Community Art Studio, Santa Fe, NM, 2018
Performance art: Normal Dinner Party with Jeremy Kennedy, Collective Arts Incubator, Los Angeles, CA, 2017
Modeling: The Deeper Show, photo series by Marcos Rivera, Las Vegas, NV, 2017
Poetry performance: Guest Artist appointment with musical accompaniment by Paddy Pearse, Manifesting Visions, Aware Project, Collective HQ/Counterpunch Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 2017
Reading: [Dis]connected, Naropa Writing Center, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, 2013

talks + presentations

Workshop: “How to Read the Tarot Without Guidebooks,” Public Fruit Co., 2021
Panel: “The Braided River,” Summer Writing Program, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa University, 2015

Presentation: Writing Matters Conference, College of the Canyons, 2012

photography publications

Album cover: Lanair’s Flower in Zurich, Chris Siders, 2024
Hands, Morning/Mourning, Le Petit Press, 2018
Wendy C. Ortiz, fields, 2017
Matt Clifford, Ballad of Todd Last Year, Cherry Publications, 2017
CAConrad, fields, 2016
Mira Gonzalez, fields, 2016


Photography: dear friend and murder suite, NYCorrespondence, Kickstarter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

awards + honors

Please Open A Door For Me, New Industry Finalist, Oaxaca FilmFest, 2019
Amiri Baraka Award, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa University, 2016


Radio interview: Amazing Stories from Skid Row, KKLA 99.5 FM, Los Angeles, CA, 2018
Radio show: Show hosted by Jeremey Kennedy and co-host Rebecca Ramirez, KCHUNG 1630 AM, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA, 2017

New Digital Chapbook from JKS Student, Jack Kerouac School, 2014
Let Them Eat Cake: Across the Threshold: A Reading Hosted by the Naropa Writing Center by Joseph Navarro, Jack Kerouac School, 2014
The Story of Semicolon, Boulder Poetry Scene, 2013


Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Literature
Naropa University, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Boulder, CO, 2015

study : poetry + the arts

Four Queens, Denver, CO
    Selah Saterstrom, 2022
    CAConrad, September 2022 

(W)rites of Passage, Boulder, CO
    Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, Winter 2022–present
    Selah Saterstrom, September–November 2021
    CAConrad, May 2021

ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, CA, Fall 2021

Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA
    Will O’Loughlen, October 2021
    Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo, Winter 2021

The Home School, Hudson, NY
    TC Tolbert, July 2021
Kundiman, New York, NY
    Nayomi Munaweera, March 2021
Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA
    Asher Hartman and Haruko Tanaka, Winter 2017
Summer Writing Program, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, Boulder, CO
   CAConrad, 2015–2016
   Kameron Bashi, 2015
   Eleni Sikelianos, 2015
   Letterpress printing with Aaron Cohick, 2015

Great Books Summer Program, Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, CA, 2009

study : meditation + yoga

Kinship Yoga School, Los Angeles, CA, 2024
    Yoga + Mythos 10-hour YYT with Sri Sita Dass Ji
Against the Stream Meditation Center, Venice, CA, 2024
Point Horizon Institute, Ravendale, CA, 2022–2023
The Berkeley Spire, Berkeley, CA, 2019–2022
Yoga with Anjali Budreski, Montpelier, VT, 2021
Big Bear Retreat Center, Big Bear City, CA, 2018–2019
Against the Stream Meditation Center with Dave Smith, Malibu, CA, 2016–2018
School of Humanity & Awareness, Atlanta, GA, 2017
Naropa University, Boulder, CO, 2012–2015
    Samatha-Vipassana with Lama Tenpa 
    Yoga with Nataraja Kallio
    Shamanic journeying with Marlow Brooks
Dharma Ocean with Reggie Ray, Boulder, CO, 2014
Nalandabodhi Colorado with Lama Tenpa, Boulder, CO, 2012–2014  (Vajrayana)
Boulder Shambhala Center with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Boulder, CO, 2013  (Vajrayana)

professional experience

Freelance: Growth Strategist, Empty, 2024
Freelance: Web Strategist, Center for Transformation, 2024
Freelance: Web Strategist, Breathe Play Be, 2024
Contract: Content Designer, H&R Block, 2023
Content Designer, Affirm, 2022–2023
Web Content Manager, Articulate, 2022
Associate Marketing Manager, Articulate, 2021–2022
Digital Marketing Specialist, Articulate, 2020–2021

Content Strategist, The Moran Group, 2019–2020

Media Resource Specialist, Union Rescue Mission, 2018–2019

Employment Center Representative, Union Rescue Mission, 2016–2018

Employment Resource Assistant, Union Rescue Mission, 2016

Contract: SAT Preparation Instructor, Boys and Girls Club of America, 2016

Contract: Private Tutor, TutorDoctor, 2016

English Instructor and Tutor, Opportunities for Learning Charter Schools, 2015–2016

Faculty Liasion, Summer Writing Program, Naropa University, 2015

Academic Tutor, Youth Policy Institute, 2015

Marketing Coordinator, East-West Wellness, 2012–2014

Internship: Editorial Intern, Shambhala Times Community News Magazine, 2013

Freelance: Copywriter, VimPeople, 2012

Counselor, Camp Whittle Outdoor Science School, YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, 2011

volunteer experience

Events, Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles, 2024–present

Board Member, Covenant Home for Children, Georgetown, Guyana, 2017–2019

Kitchen & Meal Service, Union Rescue Mission, 2015–2016

Campaign Strategist, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, 2015

Residential Camp Counselor, Camp Whittle and Camp Round Meadow, YMCA of Metropolitan Los AngelesNorth Valley Family YMCA, 2008–2012