fields magazine


Issue 6 – interview & photography

I interviewed CAConrad in a long-form, email correspondence format and photographed them in Boulder, Colorado on the Naropa University campus during the Jack Kerouac School’s 2016 Summer Writing Program.

The interview was originally available in print only and will become available on the fields online archive in 2021.

This photo was re-published in: Open Space by SFMOMAKW Institute of Contemporary Ar, DR Byen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Corpus CompanionPoetry in Voice, Art RabbitContemporary Art CentrePolitiken, & more.

Wendy C. Ortiz

Issue 7 – photography

I photographed author and poet Wendy C. Ortiz in her Los Angeles home for an interview by Kimmy Whitmer.

Read Kimmy’s interview with Wendy C. Ortiz.

Mira Gonzalez

Issue 5  – photography

On separate occasions, Shy Waston and I photographed poet Mira Gonzalez in her Los Angeles home.

Read Shy’s profile on Mira Gonzalez.