Please Open A
Door For Me

Please Open A Door For Me premiered at the 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest where it placed as a New Industry Finalist.

The film was adapted from a poem of the same title originally published by Metratron Press.

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Behind the Scenes

IMDb Synopsis

A young woman reflects on the aftermath of abandonment as she grows increasingly disconnected from the reality of her daily life. Based on the autobiographical poem, ‘please open a door for me’ by Jade Quinn.

Original Poem

We met in violet
everything blinding
I wished for you
or maybe I just wished
and you happened
to be there. maybe
I took you to create this

I thought the universe
was blessing me. not sure
if it is. we both know blessings
can feel like metal in the chest

or like a child. now
that you’re there I believe
you are gone and I’m wishing for it
though it would mean the end
of me. I’m wishing for the end of me

often on the freeway i think
about driving my car off the next turn
I don’t even want to die
I just want something to happen
that isn’t this

I drink a beer alone
try to disappear into some future
yet I won’t respond
to job listings. I fear
they’ll smell
the sadness in my application

I started bleeding brown today
I read it was indicative
of early pregnancy
but it could also be a sign
I’m just barren

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Directed, written, and produced by
Jade Quinn
Brandon Buczek

Jordan Knapp
Amir Malaklou

Seannie Bryan

Randi Atkins

Costumer & Production Designer
Rebecca Ramirez

Associate Producer
Micah Baskir

Nicole Doiron

Make Up
Rain Rose

Production Assistant
Patrick Moccia

Kaitlyn Battistelli

James Corvus

Graphic Artist
Jessica Chung

Peter Diaz

Flora Cheng