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Every content design path is unique.
Here’s my story.

Launched a personal WordPress blog that accrued over 10k views in one year—not the most impressive, but not shabby for an 18-year-old. I designed the website myself, and this DIY WordPress experience paid off majorly in laying the groundword for my path as a content designer.
Landed my first content writing gigs—first, as a freelance content writer for a start up, then at an acupuncture clinic where I wrote for the wellness blog, managed website content, and grew the company’s social media following (which ballooned 300% over my two-year stint). I also took on other freelance gigs and teamed up with two web developers to clean up their clients’ site copy and write content for new landing pages.
Worked as a high school educator—rewarding but rough. I taught literature and composition, which further refined my writing skills. Eventually, I decided I couldn’t work in a system I didn’t believe in after seeing students get left behind by the rigid one-size-fits-all approach, so I left.
Raised money for a non-profit homeless shelter, the largest one in California. After suffering burnout in my first year as a “frontliner” helping shelter guests find jobs and writing resumes, I transitioned to the marketing team where I produced social content as a photographer/videographer, drove millions of dollars in donations through the website, and managed the Stories from Skid Row campaign. This is where I learned the power of A/B testing.
Honed my content skills at an ad agency. I wanted the chance to work with many different companies. This is where I became skilled at heatmapping and information architecture, especially for navigation menus and footers.
Landed my first B2B SaaS role at a tech company. I missed the depth of focus  and strategy working in-house for a single company. This is where I began to refine my content design skills.

More coming soon ︎