jade quinn

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Every content design path is unique
Here’s my story:

Someone told me when I was young that my generation would work in "jobs that don't even exist yet."

I was skeptical, but today, I work in an emerging field that many still haven't heard about—that field is content design, sometimes used interchangably with content strategy or UX writing.

My journey began as a copywriter. I’ve managed websites, communities, social, email, SEO, SEM, and more. Eventually, I ended up on a product team at Affirm then worked as a content design consultant at H&R Block.

I leverage research, analytics, and industry best practices to constantly improve UX while applying principles of human-centered design. I ask the right questions, find workable solutions, and am not afraid to experiment.

I thrive working cross-functionally with product managers, developers, designers, and legal experts.

My background is diverse—I’ve worked in FinTech, in EdTech, with nonprofits, and with small businesses. I was a homelessness relief worker for nearly 4 years in the heart of Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. I've lived in five states, across four time zones. I even worked remotely while traveling full-time for a year.

Outside my professional life, I'm a poet and experimental filmmaker. I know it may come as a surprise, but being a poet has helped me become a content designer—it's all about words on a page, composition, and structure.

I have a natural aptitude for language, making things beautiful, and understanding people's needs—that’s the recipe for great content.